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A different Valentine's experience

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

The original 'Valentine' had far greater problems to contend with than us, he was killed by Emperor Claudius II after all.

Legend has it that Claudius had thrown Valentine into jail and sentenced him to death for illegally arranging marriages, having previously banned the practice to stop men becoming lovestruck and lazy. It's said that when Valentine was thrown into jail he fell in love with the Jailer's daughter. Before meeting his fate, his final letter to his lover was signed "from your Valentine". Of course she was left heartbroken.

Valentine's Night can still be heartbreaking . .

Valentine's Night can still be heartbreaking despite everyone's best intentions.

Trying to create a romantic evening in a restaurant packed to the rafters, tables are inches apart to accommodate all those tables of two, the waiting staff doing their best hurriedly trying to look after everyone and make them feel special, knowing that tables are running behind and the next batch of guests are late and waiting to be seated, tempers are getting frayed and it all feels a bit forced to be genuinely romantic.

Escaping from our busy modern lives for some important time with our loved ones to show them how much we care, we surely deserve something a bit more special, a bit more relaxed?

How about joining a spacious and beautifully decorated shared table of likeminded food and wine lovers in a candle lit private dining room, entertained by a wonderful Valentines dinner paired with some of the world's finest sparkling wines? Maybe save the dinner for two for an evening where you can hear each other speak?

Relaxed, decadent and special. Fitting for Valentine's final supper I'm sure, we've got two sparkling events that will really let that special person in your life know how much you care.

On Valentine's Night itself we'll be hosting a very special dinner at The Hyatt Regency. A five course dinner with aperitif, canapés and five paired champagnes / fine sparkling wines from around the world. If this sounds like your perfect Valentine's haven find out more here.

Then on what will certainly be another busy night in restaurants across the city we host another special experience, this time at the most romantic of venues, Hotel du Vin. A four course dinner featuring the wonderful champagne's of Perrier-Joüet in a fun battle against, stars of the English wine scene, Coates and Seely. An arrival drink, canapés and two glasses of fizz per course prompt you to decide who is the winner on the night (spoiler alert - it'll be us). If this sounds like the perfect romantic soiree for you and your loved one, find out more here.

We'll keep you topped up . .

Wherever you are, whatever you choose to do, we hope this Valentine's is special for you.

Tony and Lucy x


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