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The World's End with Attic Brew Co. at The Electric

Thanks for joining us people, here are details on all the beers, the trivia and a few photos.

On tap today

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Inspired by the city of 1000 trades, this is a lager to represent the many paths Birmingham has taken. Drawing from differing German and Czech traditional approaches to lager brewing, Forward is light, refreshing and crisp, with a subtle but complex flavour.

Our flagship beer. The culmination of our quest to produce a session strength beer that has the flavour and body to stand up to stronger counterparts. Hazy and juicy, flavours of pineapple and ripe peaches with a touch of pithy bitterness to finish.

Citrus and stone fruit flavours, leaning towards grapefruit and apricot with more than a hint of blackcurrant. A little bitterness helps give structure and depth.

Our fresh and zesty seasonal NEIPA is back! Hazy and full-bodied, this one is the brewers favourite. With aromas of candied orange peel and lemon sherbet, it's a citrus party in a glass.

A new style for us, our first ever Black IPA. Brewed with Colin and Rachel, two of our amazing crowdfund supporters for our new venue, The Barrel Store. It's a style that pushed our boundaries, just like the wild beers produced at The Barrel Store will do and, you know what, it's worked out a bloody treat. Our first Black IPA has the piney bitterness you expect from this style, but with slight pithy citrus notes combined with a complex malty flavour.

Pubwatch CCTV snaps

World Ending Trivia

Each of the names of the 12 pubs featured, foreshadows events that take place there.

Film set in Newton Haven but filmed in Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

10th anniversary of release, so 30 yrs since lads first tried to complete their epic pub crawl. When the movie was first screened in Letchworth, the cast had recorded a special welcome and guests got a Cornetto.

The cinema in Letchworth is actually a pub in the movie called the Mermaid. Another pub, the Parkway bar, is a Turkish Restaurant, The Beehive is actually a Thai restaurant and the Hole in the Wall is actually a train station. All renamed.

Production loved working there, everyone so helpful.

When they try to make calls after their fight in the bathroom, Andy says, "It must be the network," – Alien name for themselves.

Look out for a beer tap with strange emblem in each pub. It's the logo of 'The Network'.

The main characters all have royal / courtly names; Gary King, Andy Knightley, Peter Page, Steven Prince, Oliver Chamberlain. You could even say they are blue bloods ..

The Fruit Machine in The Kings Head has same tune as the machines in Shaun & Fuzz (called Ooh Aah Dracula).

Unusually for a comedy duo, Pegg and Frost take turns to play the straight or comedy part. In World's End Frost plays it straight, Pegg plays it straight in both Shaun and Hot Fuzz.

The book that Mr Shepherd is reading, is Huxley’s dystopian classic ‘Brave New World’.

The Mermaid pub, which we know is actually the cinema features a sign with two blonde mermaids and a red head in the middle, same as mentioned in the movie, a marmalade sandwich of robots. The Broadway Cinema (The Mermaid) actually had a cardboard cutout of Martin Freeman in the window, as The Hobbit.

Pub foreshadowing:

  • The first pub they visit is The First Post.

  • The interior of The Old Familiar is exactly the same as The First Post.

  • Gary King finally recognized as the banned teenager in The Famous Cock.

  • They Work together during a fight at The Cross Hands.

  • All of the guys are acting like they are happy except Gary, which is reflected in the sign for the Good Companion, which shows four sad masks and a happy one.

  • Drug dealer, Rev Green, is met in The Trusted Servant.

  • The bitchy twins are met in The Two-Headed Dog.

  • The Mermaid, characters are tempted to their downfall by beautiful women.

  • They fight off swarms of enemies at The Beehive.

  • At The King's Head, Gary King makes a last stand and decides to continue his journey without anyone else's help.

  • A car is driven through The Hole in the Wall, leaving a 'hole in the wall'.

  • And the final pub, depicts .. The World's End.

Costume foreshadowing:

Edgar Wright says a lot of thought went into the costumes of the characters. Some of the clothes foreshadow what happens to the characters in the film:

  • Peter and Oliver wear blue, foreshadowing that they will become Blanks.

  • Steven and Sam wear red, foreshadowing that they will become a couple.

  • Gary dresses in the same outfit as his teenage self, as an homage to a way a soldier might "suit up" before going into battle.

Didn’t want to ruin the movie by telling you at the time but, the opening narration by Simon Pegg about the original pub crawl the friends failed to complete is a blow-by-blow foreshadowing of what happens to the characters later on in the film.

Cornetto connections: All three movies feature different coloured wrappers; green for tech in World's End, red Shaun of the Dead's blood, Blue and White for Hot Fuzz police colours.

Aside from the appearance of Cornetto ice cream, uniting theme of the three movies in the Trilogy is a gag where one character tries to hop over a fence, only for it to collapse under him. It occurs when King is trying to outrun the Blanks

Trivia courtesy of IMDB

On behalf of Catherine, Tony and the Wine Events Crew, thank you and see you again soon.

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