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FILM Mamma Mia: Here we go Again with Prosecco Blog

Thank you to everyone that 'took a chance' on us for our Mamma Mia 2 Movie with Prosecco Experience at Millennium Point.

As promised, here are the stars of the show, our five Italian Sparkling Wines:

  • Aqualta Prosecco Frizzante Treviso DOC - Majestic £9.99 (£7.49 mixed six price)

  • La Gioiosa Prosecco DOC, Treviso - Majestic £12.99 (£9.49 mixed six price)

  • La Marca Prosecco DOCG, Valdobbiadene DOCG - Majestic £14.99 (£10.99 mixed six price)

  • La Pasqua Romeo and Juliet Rosé Prosecco DOC 2022 - Majestic £12.99 (£9.99 mixed six price)

  • Araldica Moscato d’Asti DOCG - Majestic £10.99 (£8.99 mixed six price)

Next up, our Super Trooper trivia from the night:

  • Mamma Mia 2 had the biggest opening weekend box office in the careers of Meryl Streep, Amanda Seigfried and Cher. This was also the first ever Meryl Streep sequel.

  • Streep and Lily James, both playing Donna are actually vaguely related, ninth cousins! Streep filmed all of her scenes in just one week and all lines are sung.

  • Cher handpicked Andy Garcia to play the character of Fernando out of a bunch of selected actors.

  • Though movie is set in Greece (on the fictional island of Kalokairi), unlike the first movie, this was actually shot in Croatia.

  • Hugh Skinner, Jeremy Irvine, and Josh Dylan, played young Harry, Sam, and Bill, they all lived together in a villa in Croatia for 6 weeks while filming. Dylan arrived in the country two weeks earlier in order to learn how to sail a boat and also to get tanned (much of the cast had to get a spray tan, including Dylan).

  • The young cast did extensive research on their "legacy" counterparts by studying the first movie and watching countless interviews and other movie footage from their early days.

  • Lily James was already a huge fan of the musical from an early age. Having seen it over ten times on stage, she already knew every moment of the movie adaptation by heart before auditioning.

  • Prior to starting production on this movie, Lily James went to Stockholm, Sweden, to work on the vocal soundtrack with Composers Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus. She wanted a "feel" for the music from their perspectives rather than what she'd experienced from simply listening to ABBA.

  • Lily actually broke her toe during filming running into a lighting stand, this caused issues when cartwheeling for Waterloo!

  • "Be still, my beating vagina", said by Tanya (Christine Baranski), after she saw Fernando Cienfuegos, was only added into the script once Andy García was cast to play Fernando, because he is "that hot".

  • Cher was originally offered the role of Tanya Wilkinson in the first movie, but turned it down.

  • She appeared in this movie, but in a different role, per invitation of her former agent and dear friend, Ron Meyer, who is now head of Universal Pictures. Cher claimed this time she wasn't even given a chance to refuse, as Meyer hung up the phone right after he urged her to do it.

Best and worst singers –

1st Amanda Seyfried – Sophie

2nd Lily James – Donna

3rd Cher – Ruby

4th Meryl Streep - Donna

14th Andy Garcia - Fernando

15th Pierce Brosnan – Sam

16th Stellan Skarsgard – Bill

  • Producers have discussed making a third film. Amanda Seyfried said she would be on board for another movie, but has questioned if there are enough unused ABBA songs. Julie Walters, said its the only movie she would come out of retirement for.

  • Cher was the oldest cast member (born May 20th, 1946), but still only three years older than Meryl Streep. Paid $1mill for just 3 mins, same salary range as the main cast members.

  • When filming the movie's credits scene, Writer and Director Ol Parker simply blasted "Super Trouper" and let the cast have fun. What you’ll see is just "cherry-picked bits of it". During that scene, the male cast members competed to see who could stuff the most down their spandex trousers.

Finally, take a moment to check out our Mamma Mia Montage of photos ..

Best regards, Tony and the Wine Events Co Crew x


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