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Dirty Dancing with Prosecco at The Theatre, Chipping Norton

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Thank you so much to everyone that joined us for Dirty Dancing with Prosecco on Friday night. We had a blast and hope you did too!

The Kellerman's selection of Italian Sparkling Wines

As promised, here are the stars of the show, our five Italian Sparkling Wines:

Aqualta Prosecco Frizzante Treviso DOC - Majestic £9.99 (£7.49 mixed six price)

La Gioiosa Prosecco DOC, Treviso - Majestic £12.99 (£9.49 mixed six price)

La Gioiosa Prosecco DOCG, Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG - Majestic £15.99 (£11.99 mixed six price)

La Pasqua Romeo and Juliet Rosé Prosecco DOC 2022 - Majestic £12.99 (£9.99 mixed six price)

Araldica Moscato d’Asti DOCG - Majestic £10.99 (£8.99 mixed six price)

The Kellerman's Gallery

Our Kellerman's Dirty Dancing Trivia

Vestron execs thought the movie would fail, it did bad in test screenings and they planned to show it for a weekend before sending to home video. Lucky they didn’t as it ended up making £170 mill worldwide in that first run.

Dirty Dancing was the first film to sell a million copies on home video, and was the top hire in 1988.

Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes sang the iconic Time of My Life but Medley originally refused to do it as the movie sounded like a ‘bad porno’. Song went on to win an Oscar, Golden Globe & Grammy.

The name of the film actually came before the movie was written. Producer Linda Gottileb sat down with the writer Eleanor Bergstein and the writer said ‘I don’t really have a story but it should involve Latin Dancing. I grew up in Brooklyn, my father was a doctor, I was one of those kids who used to go across the tracks to go dirty dancing.” Immediately, Gottlieb replied, “That’s a million-dollar title! Now we’ll figure out the story.’

Baby was based on Bergstein’s experiences as she took part in “Dirty Dancing” competitions when her family spent the summers in the Catskills. Baby was a nickname.

Filming started in early September but weather was so bad filming continued into Winter, leaves needed to be painted green and the lake scene nearly gave them hypothermia it was so cold. Filmed over and over.

Swayze hated the line, nobody puts baby in the corner, asked for it to be taken out of the movie but when seeing it in the final movie loved it.

Most people don’t recognise Jennifer Grey as playing Baby anymore as she had a nose job.

Jennifer Grey was so scared by 'the lift' that they did it once in the audition and once on film, she never wanted to do it again.

When we watch the movie and see characters fall in love we don’t think the love could stop when the cameras stop rolling .. but it does, they couldn’t stand each other. Patrick Swayze said 'We did have a few moments of friction when we were tired or after a long day of shooting. She seemed particularly emotional, sometimes bursting into tears if someone criticized her. Other times, she slipped into silly moods, forcing us to do scenes over and over again when she’d start laughing.”

They had actually had a history of falling out and had done so already during filming for 1984’s Red Dawn. Swayze had to convince Grey to be in Dirty Dancing. They patched it up and delivered great screen tests but then their relationship deteriorated again to the point where they were facing off against each other before each scene. The producer sat them down made and them watch the screen tests to reinvigorate the chemistry for love scenes, it worked and they knew what they needed to do.

There are some big differences in age between the actors and their on screen personas, Johnny should be 24, he was actually 34, and Baby is supposed to be 18 but was actually 26. During Jennifer Grey's audition she had five minuntes to prove that she could play a teenager and actually dance.

Johnny supposed to be a dark and brooding Italian played by Billy Zane but his dancing wasn’t good enough so Patrick was cast.

Filming started in early September with a heatwave of 41 degrees, ten people passed out but filming continued into Winter, dropping to 4 degrees. Leaves needed to be painted green and the lake scene nearly gave them hypothermia it was so cold, especially as it was filmed over and over.

Patrick insisted on doing own stunts. During the log scene, he kept on falling off the log and injured his knee so badly he had to have fluid drained from the swelling. Whilst Jennifer Grey did most of her own dancing, she did have a body double for the log.

Jennifer Grey actually stripped naked in the Cry to Me love scene, but test audiences didn't like it .. and it didn't make the deleted scenes either!

Patrick Swayze was offered $6 million to asppear in a sequal but he wasn't a fan of sequels and turned it down.

When asked why Dirty Dancing has endured for so long, Patrick had this to say "It's got so much heart, to me,", "It's not about the sensuality; it's really about people trying to find themselves, this young dance instructor feeling like he's nothing but a product, and this young girl trying to find out who she is in a society of restrictions when she has such an amazing take on things."

Fancy a Dirty Dancing holiday? The resort is not actually in New York State's Catskill Mountains but in the South at the The Pembroke in Mountain Lake resort, Virginia.

They host three Dirty Dancing weekends a year, with dinners, a sock hop, a screening of the movie, a watermelon toss, group dance lessons, and a scavenger hunt.

The property now features a Dirty Dancing gift shop and displays the guest registry page with Patrick Swayze's signature for Room 232. A replica "Room 232" guest key is for sale in the gift shop.

Do you remember Point Break with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze? In Dirty Dancing Patrick drives a 57 Chevy, and in Point Break he tells Keanu that his surfboard looks like a 57 Chevy he once owned.

The cast and crew stayed at the Lodge (Kellerman's) as it was in a very remote location.

Rehearsals quickly became parties involving nearly every cast member, even non-dancers such as Jack Weston. The dancing and drinking was almost non-stop, actors and actresses began identifying with their characters. Eleanor Bergstein built upon this, encouraging the actors and actresses to improvise in their scenes but said no matter how intimate or "grinding" the dancing, no more physical contact allowed. It all helped to create a fantastic tension and vibe on screen.

We hope you had an amazing time and look forward seeing you again at Chirstmas on 16th December for 'The Holiday' with the Perfect Wines for Christmas!

Tony, Baby, Johnny and the Kellerman's Crew

PS Here are two videos for you, the first is hopefully a fun memory from the night and the other is the Rosana by Toto video, the one I was talking about featuring Johnny and Penny!


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