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Art & Wine Tour: these are the wines we poured ...

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Thank you to those that joined us for this evening's Art & Wine Tour at The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I hope you had a great time.

These are the wines we enjoyed:

1) Dives and Lazarus 1675-80c by Luca Giordano paired with Tre Fiori, Greco di Tufo, Italy. Waitrose £10.99

2) Landscape near Rome, view of Ponte Molle by Claude Gellée paired with La Piuma Orvieto, Italy. Waitrose £7.99

3) 'Pshche rescued by Naiads from drowning' by Jean Baptiste Mare Pierre paired with Jean-Baptise Adam, Auxerrois, Alsace, France. Available online £20

4) An Allegory of Misrule paired with Thymiopoulos Malagouzia, Greece. M&S £10

5) Stormy landscape with blue and red figures by Karoly Kotasz paired with Hungarian Tokaji. Lidl, £7.99


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