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Your own 'Wine Events Company' event

We've all been to those boring wine tastings; average wines and that 'old connoisseur' droning on. We don't do that. 

We create fun and interactive Wine Experiences. We've got the expertise but the event is about you. We talk about wine in an accessible way, we have fun, we play games, we're a bit unconventional. 

Check out some examples below:

Map in Grass

The World Wine Challenge

Suitable for groups of 20-100
(45-90 mins)
From £35 per person

Work your way around the room tasting the wine on each and every table. 
Both Wine A and Wine B on each table will be made from the same grape but which is from the OLD world and which from the NEW? Can you guess the grape too?
If your wine knowledge could be better then don’t worry, not only have you got a 50/50 chance of getting each one right but our team will be on hand with some very useful hints and tips.


The Great Fizz Quiz

Suitable for groups of 15-40
(25-45 mins)
From £30 per person

Not all sparkling wines are made equal.  Some take longer to make, some are more fashionable, some are more expensive and some just suit your taste better. Can you guess your favourite from our delicious line up, who has the most expensive palate in your party and who is the . . . cheap date amongst you?  All will be revealed in 'The Great Fizz Fizz Quiz'.

Online Tastings.png



Online Zoom tastings for

1 to 100 households

Flexible packages for your event:

'Bring your own wine' event - £250 for up to twenty people.

We give you a shopping list of wines to purchase and make sure they’re all from the same store so you’re not hunting around for them. We can pitch the shopping list to your budget.

Four bottle 'Tailored Tasting' event including wine from £60-£83 per person for 10 households or more.

Example tastings:

Cool Chile £60

New World vs Old World £65

Italy’s Greatest Hits £70

Amazing Argentina 71

Exploring Rioja £77

Wonderful Kiwi Wines £83

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